Ok, like every other social media platform, posting on LinkedIn is obviously critical. There are no hard and fast rules on what or how many times to post. I post a lot because I enjoy it and it works. When the day comes that this changes then I will change with it. If posting once a day or week or even month works for you then keep doing it that way…why listen to anyone who tells you that you are doing it wrong? Posting is about sharing your knowledge and expertise and that’s kinda the whole point. Once your posts are relevant and help your audience then you are doing it the right way.

➡️ Quality over Quantity EVERY TIME

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Liking on social media turned into such a frenzy as people began posting simply for likes in some vainglorious attempt to feel good. Personally, I get a fair amount of likes per post (not quite at Gary V level) but the numbers really make little difference to me. It’s far more important to get the right people liking your posts and not just lots of people. This vanity element is changing, and some social media channels are now not showing the number of likes to anyone except the poster. This is a great development as it’s not what lots of people think, it’s what the relevant people think. Liking someone’s post is great but it can get to the ridiculous level where people just like for the sake of it. If you see a post and think to yourself it helped you or resonated with you them there’s the like. In my opinion there are too many people hung up with the number.

Maybe a bit controversial but there should be a don’t like option as a business networking site should be encouraging debate so people can share ideas and new ideas come far quicker and better by having these debates.

➡️ Share content to help people not to get “likes” and you will get far better results.

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There seems to be varying opinions on “sharing” other people content. Not sure how the algorithm works but an insider tells me that “shared” content gets less traction. I am not sure if this is true or not but if you’re not sharing for likes, why should this matter? I share other people’s content regularly and do it because I believe in the other person but also because the content, they posted will be of help to my audience too. Upfront I will also share other people’s content as it may help their business and that’s the whole point of networking. I train a lot of small companies who tell me they think networking is all about standing in a room with lots of strangers with business cards. It can be if that’s your way but it’s also about networking and helping people online.

I wouldn’t be a fan of sharing absolutely everything as think this dilutes the value but sharing means everyone gets the benefit…The sharer and the poster.

➡️ Crunchie didn’t come up with the concept of sharing for no reason…. There’s comfort and enjoyment in sharing.

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For me the whole value of LinkedIn is being able to comment on other people’s post to engage with people and learn. Personally, I love a good feed of comments back and forth on posts and this is where the real value and engagement comes from. I do however think there are way too many “Yes Men” on LinkedIn who comment with solely positive opinions on the topic. If you agree then great but if you have a different opinion, then why not voice it? We are all adults here!! When you are in a sales situation, your client does not always agree with you and will tell you so…does this mean he won’t do business with you? No, you discuss it and look to areas you agree on and (hopefully!) come up with a solution.

➡️ Encourage debate and disagreement on your posts…It’s good AND it works!

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Video continues to play such an important role in the whole area of social media. The real value is that you can show your personality and people buy into you far quicker. It’s no great surprise that video gets such a high traction level. It’s like that old thing where you send a text message to someone and how you meant it and how they read/take it can be very different. When you use video, your message is far less open to confusion. I do a lot of video and sometimes I’m in my car or wearing a hoodie and other times I am more formal in suit etc. It shouldn’t matter…it’s about the real you and your message…your passion for what you are talking about. Personally, I am far more interested in the message than what the other person is wearing or where they are.

Video can be quite daunting to begin with and I totally get that. However, you need to start somewhere as it offers such unique value. As Nike say…Just Do It…Just be you. For me, people who are only interested in what I am wearing or where I’m doing the video from are not the people, I want to work with anyway…

➡️ Just Do It! Start small…short video on something you are passionate about.

LinkedIn is great when you use it wisely…Hope these tips help and if you would like some training on how to be even better at it…Just get in touch!

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