I was recently asked to do an article for a major association in Ireland on 4 key questions that business ask in these challenging times…Hope you enjoy it…Stephan

“We asked The Exhibition Guy to share his top tips, advice and key questions you need to ask when it comes to sales and marketing in these challenging times and here is just a little re-run of what he said…“ Sales & Marketing Today”.

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Challenging Times 

“What can you do for your clients right now that will help them?”

Covid19, is undoubtedly a challenge for all businesses and nowhere is this more obvious than in sales. The reality is less people are buying and decisions are being pushed out. As salespeople we have to look to doing things differently, and consider how to build those relationships now that will lead to business in the future.

We can do this by working with and helping our clients with good content, staying in touch with them and supporting them with their challenges without looking for something in return. I am not saying we don’t sell, but rather we continue to approach our clients with a fresh reality and focussing on them not us. Sales has always been about helping people, in todays reality its about helping and giving because the ones that do will be remembered and will benefit in the longer term.

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The Ideal Client

“Who is your IDEAL client?”…Take Some Time to Work it Out

The best salespeople in the world don’t have lots of clients, they have the right clients. The key to this is finding the ideal client. Right now, we can do this by investing time into defining who exactly the right client is. Whilst this will take time (which many of us have now) it will save us time in the long run and is a far more strategic approach.

Look to the criterion for your ideal client…Who is he/she? What company? What industry? Where are they specifically located? Age profile? Gender (if applicable)? What role in the company? Any others?

By doing this you are setting yourself up for success as you can spend more time targeting your message to the right people. Just using the “Spray & Pray” approach of “everyone is a client” does not work and you end up wasting time on a market segment that are not your real clients.

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“What channels are working and not working for you to find new prospects?”

When it comes to finding new prospects, many salespeople wait until the well runs dry and they are desperate for new prospects. This is absolutely the worst time to prospect for business as desperation comes across.

It’s important that we prospect a small amount but consistently. Adding small amounts of prospects to your database regularly is the best way to go. Look at all the online and offline channels you are currently using and decide which ones are working and which aren’t.

Try at least 2 new prospecting methods each week. By doing this you can build a prospecting strategy that works and one that is not going to put you under pressure.

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Getting Ready for Success

“How can you make yourself and your offer better for when we come out the other side?”

We will come out of Covid19 and business is and will go on. We need to be ready for it…

The companies and people who are investing and using this time wisely are the ones who will be ready when we come out the other side. It’s important to be excited about what you do as if you are not how can you expect your clients to be?

The reality is that buying will go on (albeit maybe less) but companies will have more choice of who to use so we need to be the ones that offer the best service. This is a great time to improve all facets of your offer…

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Motivated,

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