ORGANISERS – Sell event tickets & stands

Effectively sell event tickets and stands to your event or exhibition with our organiser sales training. A lot of courses focus on the theory behind sales instead of offering practical advice.

At The Exhibition Guy we work with Exhibition Organisers on the whole area of Sales & Strategy.

We have over 25 Years experience in Trade & Consumer Exhibitions. Our insights in to the challenges and the Exhibition Industry make us the best people to help you.

We have been there and therefore we know what will work for your business. Our passion for your event success is the same we hold for our own business.  That’s why working with us makes sense.

We will help you with all of the challenges of hosting events and help you sell more tickets. Most event organisers are challenge with:

  • Selling More SqM
  • Finding New Exhibitors
  • Launching New Shows
  • Re-Vitalising Existing Shows
  • Gaining Repeat Exhibitors
  • Increasing Revenue Streams

This is what we do every day, working with Companies like yours to make your events even better.

Just some of the things we do to help you sell event tickets / stands

  • Training Exhibition Sales People
  • Re-Vitalising Existing Shows
  • Developing New Revenue Streams
  • Launch Strategy For New Shows
  • Exhibiting Seminars
  • Copy Writing
  • Mystery Coaching
  • Guest Speaking
  • Sell Event Tickets Effectively
  • Sales Planning & Forecasting

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Sell Exhibitions/Events?

Get the most from your Exhibitions and learn to sell more in less time. Selling more square metres, sponsorship and hitting your targets easier & quicker. This is what we coach.

Having sold Thousands of sq m, we know how it’s done. Let us help you sell event tickets / stands and succeed.

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