Other Services

At The Exhibition Guy, We are not just a sales training company, we are your partner in helping you deliver the results you need through the best sales training and coaching.

We deliver a sales process for your business so you will use us again and recommend us.

Other services we offer include:

Exhibition Project Management

Having worked on more than 200 Exhibitions. Let us act as your project manager for your stand and take some of the hassle away from you and let you focus on getting your maximum return

Sales Copywriter

Let us write the copy for your sales brochures or articles for your company

Mystery Coaching

Working with your Exhibitors onsite at the show observing and giving them tips during the show to do even better

Freelance Sales Manager

Act as your remote sales manager on an Ad-Hoc basis for sales meetings, formal presentations or short one-hour brainstorming sessions, sales advice for your team or simple salesforce training.

Presentation Specialist

With over 25 years of delivering and developing presentations, let us help you develop your sales presentations or sales materials

Joint Call Agent

Work with and attend joint calls with your Reps to help increase their skills/productivity or simply help you get a particularly important sale over the line or to the next stage